Foundations of the Spiritual Path

Islam has been portrayed very negatively in the West in recent decades and many Muslims, especially younger Muslims, are looking for an identity because of this. The Saudi Arabia sponsored Wahhabism promotes an Islam devoid of spirituality that is mainly focused on the laws and prohibitions and some are attracted to this with the idea that this is a pure Islam. Others feel a need for an Islam that is closer to G.d, an Islam that is spiritual and speaks to the heart and thus is also more humane and open to dialogue with non-Muslims. In the Paper that you can download here, in a translation by Hamza Yusuf, an American convert and sheikh, you can become acquainted with a spiritual Islam.

By Sidi Ahmad Zarruq
Translated by Hamza Yusuf

Article in PDF format to be downloaded here


Ahmad Zarruq also known as Imam az-Zarruq (Ahmad ibn Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ‘Isa) (1442–1493 CE) was a Muslim scholar and Sufi sheikh from Fes, Morocco. He is considered one of the most prominent and accomplished legal, theoretical, and spiritual scholars in Islamic history, and is thought by some to have been the renewer of his time (mujaddid). He was also the first to be given the honorific title “Regulator of the Scholars and Saints” (muhtasib al-‘ulama’ wa al-awliya’).