The Middle Ages not that bad

Many believe that the Middle Ages were a dark age, a dark abyss that separated classical Greek and Roman antiquity from the “new lights” of the modern era. What is more, many see in the Christian religion the cause of the delay, precariousness and ignorance that medieval society would have experienced. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! The ten centuries that divided … Continue reading The Middle Ages not that bad


“I ask a flower, “How is it you are so wise so young?”“With the first morning wind andthe first dew, I lost my innocence.”I follow the one who showed me the way.I extend one hand up, and with the other I touch the ground.A great branch leans down from the sky.How long will I keep talking of up and down?This is not my home:silence, annihilation, … Continue reading Flowers

About/Over/Au sujet de Yusef Vanderkimpen

(English) This blog is created to promote understanding of Islam. Islam is mostly misunderstood in the West and this often by purpose. Many enemies of Islam have stood up but so many people of all nations convert to Islam. As said the prophet Jesus (Isa) ( السلم عليه, peace be upon him) light can’t be hidden. Yes, darkness is all present, but light, how tiny it is victorious … Continue reading About/Over/Au sujet de Yusef Vanderkimpen