The food we eat

or the way we eat This series of articles is about how food is considered in Islam. Deze reeks artikelen gaan over hoe voedsel wordt beschouwd in de Islam. Cette série d’articles traite de la façon dont la nourriture est considérée dans l’islam. Introduction/Introductie (English) You can download the introduction in pdf format here to read it: Here you can download the articles about different … Continue reading The food we eat

The Middle Ages not that bad

Many believe that the Middle Ages were a dark age, a dark abyss that separated classical Greek and Roman antiquity from the “new lights” of the modern era. What is more, many see in the Christian religion the cause of the delay, precariousness and ignorance that medieval society would have experienced. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth! The ten centuries that divided … Continue reading The Middle Ages not that bad